planning a wedding is a piece of cake

said no couple. ever.

... Just got proposed?

That's awesome! Congratulations to you, your families, friends, and anyone and everyone involved in getting you together. If it's time to plan the wedding, you've come to the right place. 

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Welcome to Dee Weddings. We're a young and trendy boutique wedding planning company based out of New York and we specialize in all things wedding. We absolutely love what we do and after all these years, we believe there’s a method to a wedding’s madness!

Over the years, we've planned weddings for couples from diverse cultures and faith, ranging from intimate settings of 20 guests to large-scale, five-day celebrations of 500. We've had the privilege to collaborate with talented, trusted and like-minded vendors from the wedding industry, and manage events hosted at beautiful and prestigious venues across the board. 

We believe getting married is an emotional decision. People wait for a long time to find the right person, and when they do, they want to cherish it and celebrate it in the best way possible. 

However, with the amount of choices available, hectic jobs and other commitments, planning can get stressful and sometimes the better of couples. This is why we make it our personal mission to make sure you do not regret hiring us. 

No matter how big or small a wedding is, from exceptional decor and attention to every detail, to making sure everything is going as planned with help of a detailed timeline, to most importantly making sure you, your families and your guests are all (drunk) having a great time—we've got you covered. 

We achieve this by 1) constantly searching for fresh ideas to help achieve your vision, 2) by staying highly organized and logging details from the minute we begin planning, and finally 3) by staying positive at all times. After all, vibes rub off on others and the world could do with more happiness! We also have some great connections within the wedding industry and are able to recommend some great names, if needed. 

We help our couples at three stages of wedding planning—some from start to end (full wedding planning), some midway (partial planning) and some DIY couples who've planned everything and only need help on the day-of (day-of coordination).

We quote a flat management fee. which is in line with market rates, to plan and coordinate the wedding; however the fee is determined only after our initial conversation to understand the scope of work. Give us a shout to learn more!

We're also an LGBTQ ally and strongly support marriage equality. 

Alright, let's do this!

meet dee—founder & lead planner

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Hi, I'm Deepti!

I come from an HR Consultancy background and although I have loved working in that field, I learned that my passion lied in organizing events. I then began managing events for high-end luxury brands, for artists, government sectors and tech start-ups to now weddings across New York, Mumbai and Dubai. 

I founded Dee Weddings with one purpose: to make your life easier. To make sure your day is as perfect as if it were mine and to relieve you from the stress of running around all over the place, so that you can sit back, relax and enjoy getting married instead of waking up in the middle of the night worrying 'what if the stage collapses' or 'what if it rains.' That job then becomes mine.

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fun facts

  1. I have an unexplainable fascination towards lights, swings and eye glasses.
  2. Favorite place in the world: my grandma's lap.
  3. Forever bustling with ideas. Call me at 3am (no don't) and I'll have something ready for you.
  4. Favorite Quote: "If people aren't laughing at your goals, your goals are too small"—Azim Premji
  5. I think owls and reptiles are adorable. 

team behind the scenes


hi! i'm amaira

  1. I can't straighten one of my thumbs.
  2. I think desserts should be a required food group.
  3. I love cats! I have five cats in my backyard that go on adventures together everyday. P.S. None of them are mine.
  4. I've worked for a Senator of the United States before. 
  5. I never learned how to ride a bicycle and I can't swim. And I live on an island.

hi! i'm aneesha

  1. I prefer keeping things asymmetrical.
  2. I’m rubbish at anything sporty. If you see me run, you should too!
  3. My idea of a pet is a goldfish.
  4. I Love cooking but I’m the only one that finds it tasty.
  5. My first wedding as an intern was a Bollywood wedding for celebrities Ritesh and Genelia, with up to 3000 guests.

hey! i'm nicoline

  1. I can only eat even numbers of candy at a time.
  2. I talk to myself pretty much 24/7.
  3. I've been known to (with permission!) sleep at venues when a night's work becomes uncomfortably close to being considered an early start to the next day.
  4. I get an insatiable urge to travel every 6 months.
  5. If I had to eat only sushi for the rest of my life I'd be golden.


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Here's a quick list of things that we can help with:

  • Sourcing and recommending vendors, such as: 
    • Hair & Make up artist
    • Henna artists
    • Decor design (including florists)
    • Photographer & Videographer
    • DJ, AV & Sound Services
    • Live Band
    • Other performing artists (e.g. stilt walkers)
    • Transportation & other logistics
    • F&B services (Caterers and Bartenders)
    • Wedding Cake and other dessert options (e.g. an awesome donut bar)
  • Conduct site visits and vendor meetings
  • Scanning contracts provided by vendors
  • Management of overall budget 
  • Advice of any wedding etiquettes and protocols
  • Stay present if there's a wedding rehearsal
  • Discuss decor ideas and creation of themed mood boards
  • Day-of timeline detailing flow of event, from set up till breakdown
  • Final walkthrough with at venue with vendors


Note: This list is non-exhaustive and will be customized after discussing your requirements.

Give us a shout at to learn more.

why hire a wedding planner

"Why do we need a planner when we have friends and families that can help us!"

"How hard can it actually be? We'll figure it out!"

"Planners are expensive. I don't understand what they do exactly!"

If you're on the fence about hiring a planner, and not sure how we can really help you, then read up why should you hire a planner and see if that helps you decide what would work best for you! 

yay, let's connect! 

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Deepti Jotwani

Wedding Planner & Founder