"I'd like to believe that a person's character and personality pours onto their work, so I guess your traits as a person reflect your ways of working. You are totally spontaneous (INSANE!). An amazing person, warm, creative and out of the blue. The moment I met you I knew that I can totally trust you to be my wedding planner. Now that the wedding is finally over, and I look back, I couldn't have such an amazing wedding. WOW is the word that comes to my mind. Your work speaks a lot about you and your work is fantastic! Deepti = Amazing, Fantastic, Trustworthy & Crazy."


"Loved you for your personality. You are an amazing person, super friendly and the best part of you is that you know to differentiate between work and emotions between friends and as your customers. Your creativity amazed me completely. I am extremely happy that my big day was in your hands. I loved everything you did, all your efforts and you in general."


"My dream wedding wouldn't have happened without you. I had complete trust in you and you did everything beyond my imagination. You being a super girl did magic. You completely changed the concept of a wedding planner in my Malayalam community, where no one actually knows what a wedding planner does. Many of my family and friends wanted a wedding similar to mine. You did keep the Bridezilla in me calm, you made both our families very very happy."